Salvation and the Silver Screen

Linda assures Penny that the late Pope is not sending her text messages from the grave and in their Hot Topic they discuss the potential of movies on our faith. Download (12.4MB) Subscribe: RSS

Cashing in on Jesus

Reverends Linda and Penny chat about the Olympic torch arriving in Australia during their Gospel in Black & White segment, as well as sharing opposing views on their Hot Topic of Christian merchandise. Download (10.8MB) Subscribe: RSS

Psalm 121

Psalm 121: Where do you get your help from? Download (26.1MB) Subscribe: RSS

Sharing Hospitality

Spiritual Discipline 1: Sharing Hospitality  Genesis 1:27.  18 Steps story Download (27.2MB) Subscribe: RSS

Serving Other People

Matthew 25:31-46  For us to truly follow in Jesus’ footsteps we need to first be a servant.  Our actions need to show our faith. Download (23.4MB) Subscribe: RSS

Participating In Church Life

Special Guest Speaker Craig Petty speaks on Spiritual Disciplines: Participating in Church Life Download (22.0MB) Subscribe: RSS

Managing Our Money

2 Corinthians 8:1-7  Money is great when you’ve got it but it causes many issues in our life.  No matter how much we have, God calls us to be faithful and generous with our money. Download (28.1MB) Subscribe: RSS

The Sin Scale

Penny and Linda launch their new segment ‘Redeem The Lyrics’ and talk about whether all sin is in fact equal. Download (12.6MB) Subscribe: RSS