30 Devotions on Integrity

We are please to present Linda’s first book, “30 Devotions on Integrity“.

Are you struggling to find time to read the Bible? 
Not sure where to start? 
Are you finding that your faith doesn’t always reflect in your daily living?

These short devotionals are practical and down to earth to help you apply the teaching of the Bible to your every day life.

Available in Paperback or for Kindle 

40+ beautifully designed pages that will help you better understand the biblical perspective on integrity.

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About the Author

linda-bailey-feb-12-250x250From the time I was able to read, I would pull out the Bible and pretend to preach at the couches in our living room. Since then I have attended Bible College, led on beach missions, taught Religious Education in schools, been a school chaplain, become an ordained minister, served in a number of churches and travelled on overseas mission trips.

I now work as the breakfast program producer for LightFM, the Christian radio station in Melbourne, Australia and am embracing my biggest challenge yet… being a foster parent! I’m married to Cameron and we have 3 foster children – 4, 6 and 19 years old.

Throughout my faith journey I have treasured the wisdom I have learned from the Bible. I love being able to apply the scripture to everyday life and appreciate that its wisdom helps me to have a greater
understanding of who God
is and who He calls all
people to be.

 From the book….

20130616_MASTER_30_Days_on_Integrity-color-8-300x435The fact that you have picked up this book shows that you are on a faith journey and keen to build on your connection with God.

Writing this book has been a faith journey in itself for me. Reading the Bible everyday has helped me learn more about God and given me a greater understanding of how to live my life. Through the discipline of these daily readings I have felt that my life has more meaning and purpose, as God’s word becomes a part of my every day life.

After hearing about Wayne Cordeiro’s SOAP Bible Reading plan in 2003 I started my own daily reading plan. To begin with this structure helped me to be more disciplined in opening God’s word and I found the more I read, the more my life was blessed by hearing God’s voice. Over the years I developed my own style of devotions and began shar- ing them through my website www.daily-devotional.org. It’s wonderful to hear that God has used my thoughts and reflections to speak to others as well.

No matter what book of the Bible I have read, the theme of integri- ty continually emerges. When we give our lives to Christ He desires ALL of us. Our thoughts, words, goals, actions and desires become aligned to who Jesus is. Our sinful nature constantly challenges this pure lifestyle and so the Bible’s wisdom is there to inspire and assist us to live a life of integrity where our faith is aligned to our actions.

20130616_MASTER_30_Days_on_Integrity-color-11-300x467This book would not have been possible without my husband, Cameron, and his constant encouragement. He is always looking for ways to help me fulfill my dreams and I am a better person because of him. To my diligent editor, Mandy, I will never stop needing to be corrected and I can’t think of anyone better to correct me than you! To my life-long friend, Corrina, you helped to bring clarity to my ideas. To my patient designer, Michelle, for understanding my dream and putting it into reality. To my wonder- ful sister, Ruth, for your constant support and advice. I don’t know where you got your eye for aesthetic beauty but I’m so thankful that you share it with me. And to my Heavenly Father, who graciously reveals Himself to me through the scriptures and His incredible creation, I am forever grateful.

It is my hope that through reading these devotions you will come into a greater understanding of our awesome God and find encour- agement to continue on the journey of being more like Christ each and every day.