Will You Marry Me?

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While the excitement was high, there was also a great deal to organise.

Exodus 29:1-46

Reference: v.2 And from the finest wheat flour make round loaves without yeast, thick loaves without yeast and with olive oil mixed in, and thin loaves without yeast and brushed with olive oil. (TNIV Bible)

Explore: My gorgeous sister has just got engaged to her lovely partner. I was filled with so much excitement when I heard the great news and it’s been lovely getting together to hear all their plans.

It has reminded me of when I got married nearly ten years ago. While the excitement was high, there was also a great deal to organise.

I remember being so proud of myself at one stage because I had finally made the decision to wear a veil on the day. A friend of mine said, “That’s great! So will you have it short, below the shoulders, down your back or as part of your train?” I became so exasperated! I thought I had finally made a decision only to discover that there were so many more decisions after it!

Application: There are some significant events in each of our lives that are certainly worth celebrating. After reading through Exodus 29 and hearing about all the effort the Israelites were to go through to consecrate the priests, it made me realise that these days we don’t always put the detail and focus on our worship experience.

We spend thousands of dollars celebrating weddings, birthdays and anniversaries, and yet when it comes to celebrating God, we are often lucky to scrape ourselves through the door of the church in time for the first song.

Celebrating special events is not a bad thing, but let’s not forget to properly celebrate the most important One in our lives.

Prayer: Heavenly One, you delight in our praises. May we not come half-hearted but put thought, planning and effort into our worship of You. Amen.

How can you focus more on your celebration of God?

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This article was written by Linda Bailey

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