What Have I Forgotten?

I stand at the door, taking my mind through every room of the house thinking, “What have I forgotten?”

Matthew 19.16-30

Reference: v.20 “All these I have kept,” the young man said. “What do I still lack?” (NIV Bible)

Explore: I hate it when I know I’ve forgotten something, but I can’t remember what it is! Often it’s when I’m going on a camp or away for a few days and we’re just about to leave the house. I stand at the door, taking my mind through every room of the house thinking, “What have I forgotten?” It’s this nagging feeling in your mind that you really wanted to do something before you left but now there is only the faint hint of a reminder left. And of course, it’s not until you are 60 kilometers down the road that something clicks and you realise that important thing!
In this passage in Matthew we are reminded that it takes more than just obeying commandments to follow Jesus. The thing that struck me, however, was that the rich young ruler knew there was more but he had to ask Jesus what it was. “What do I still lack?” He had been following all the commandments but had this sense that there was still something missing.

Application: The Holy Spirit moves people into mission. It may just start as a feeling but soon enough it will come to a decision we need to make. Do we move towards the sacrificial journey of Jesus, or do we stay nice and comfortable and ignore the prompting? Jesus calls each one of us to follow him. Be open to the prompting of the Holy Spirit, be open to the needs of your community, and be open to giving up all you have to follow Jesus.

Prayer: Lord, you know that the best path we can take is one that brings us closer to You. And yet, so often we are tied to the things of this world that will perish and pass away. May we seek You in our decisions and work towards that which is eternal. Amen.

Have you ever given something up for God?

This article was written by Linda Bailey

Linda started theological studies in 1999 in Australia. After working for ten years in various church ministries, she now works as the breakfast producer at 89.9 LightFM - the Christian radio station in Melbourne, Australia. She writes blogs every day about passages she is currently reading in the Bible. Follow her on Google Plus +Linda Bailey or Facebook by clicking the like button on the right of this page.