We Are All Like MacGyver

The adventures of a secret agent armed with almost infinite scientific resourcefulness

Exodus 4:1-31

Reference: v.2 Then the Lord said to him, “What is that in your hand?” “A staff,” he replied. (TNIV Bible)

Explore: In the mid 1980s there was a show on TV called MacGyver.  IMDb website describes the show to be: “The adventures of a secret agent armed with almost infinite scientific resourcefulness.” MacGyver seemed to find himself in all sorts of tricky situations, and yet he was always able to get himself out of danger by making a bomb out of a paper clip and some hair! He always seemed to have just the right basic ingredients in his pocket! While it all seemed a little far-fetched, MacGyver was an action adventure hero!

Application: In one way God sees us all as MacGyvers. He has given us everything we need to conquer every situation.  Even when He gave Moses the impossible task of freeing a whole nation from slavery, God showed him that he had all he needed… in fact, it was in his hand already.  God doesn’t need for us to be the top of our field, or perfect in every way, before we step out for Him. All he asks is to take whatever we already have in our hand and use it to bring Him glory.

Prayer: Lord, You have given us all we need to follow you and to love others. Amen.

What is already in your hand?

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This article was written by Linda Bailey

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