The Salesman’s Fight

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They were rushing through the airport when one of the salesmen accidentally kicked over a table of apples.

Romans 15:1-33

Reference: v.1 We who are strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak and not to please ourselves. (TNIV Bible)

Explore: A group of salesmen went to a convention in Chicago. While they had assured their wives that they would return for dinner on Friday night, the convention ran late. They were rushing through the airport to reach their flight in time, when one of the salesmen accidentally kicked a table over which held a display of apples. Apples flew everywhere. Without stopping or looking back, they all managed to reach their planes in time… all but one. He paused, took a deep breath and feeling compassion for the girl whose apples had been overturned, he told his buddies to go without him. As he helped to pick up the apples he noticed that the girl was totally blind. She had tears running down her cheeks as she tried to collect her spilled produce. As the salesman reassembled her display, he noticed that some of the apples were bruised. He put them aside and offered the girl $20 to cover the damage. He apologized again and as he started to walk away, the blind girl called out to him, “Mister…” He paused and turned back to look into those blind eyes. She continued, “Are you Jesus?”

Application: It’s so easy to overlook those who are in need. We tend to rush through life with a sense of urgency and purpose. However, if we truly want to represent Jesus here on earth, then we are called to stop and help those in need.

Prayer: Lord, forgive me when I walk on by. Help me to know how you would respond. Amen.

Look out for someone today who needs you to be Jesus for them.

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