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A Cop’s Job

She’s told me stories about domestic disputes, car chases and drunk drivers, that I then play out in my head like some American cop drama! 2 Thessalonians 3:1-18 Reference: v.5 May the Lord direct your hearts into God’s love and Christ’s perseverance. (TNIV Bible) Explore: A friend of mine has just recently become a law…

What About Me

I was in full swing of a, ‘What about me, It isn’t fair’ moment, when I drove past a car accident. Ruth 3:1-18 Reference: v.11 And now, my daughter, don’t be afraid. I will do for you all you ask. All the people of my town know that you are a woman of noble character….

You Make It Look So Easy

Even just trying to spin around once sends me stumbling to the floor. 2 Kings 6:1-25 Reference: v.6 The man of God asked, “Where did it fall?” When he showed him the place, Elisha cut a stick and threw it there, and made the iron float. (TNIV Bible) Explore: A ballet dancer is an elite…

A Futile Attempt

As you step back from the water you can see that it only requires a couple of waves before the hole is filled in and the beach becomes flat again. Job 20:1-29 Reference:  v.24 Though he flees from an iron weapon, a bronze-tipped arrow pierces him. (TNIV Bible) Explore:  Have you ever tried to dig…