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The Sound of Music

I must say that my list is quite different. Numbers 29:1-40 Reference: v.6 These offerings are in addition to the monthly and daily burnt offerings. Their grain offerings and drink offerings must be done as you have been told. These offerings are made by fire to the Lord, and their smell is pleasing to him….

Beyond Expectations

When the next car came to the window to pay, they discovered that their coffee had already been paid for. Numbers 28:1-31 Reference: v.31 Offer these together with their drink offerings, in addition to the regular burnt offering and its grain offering. Be sure the animals are without defect. (TNIV Bible) Explore: I heard a…

Our Father’s Daughter

Needless to say, my father grew up in a very masculine environment… Numbers 27:1-23 Reference: v.7 (And the Lord said,) “What Zelophehad’s daughters are saying is right. You must certainly give them property as an inheritance among their father’s relatives and give their father’s inheritance to them.” (TNIV Bible) Explore: My father grew up in…

Shallow Threats

While this may have seemed like a shallow threat we read on to discover that God does follow through with His promises. Numbers 26:1-65 Reference: v.64 Moses and Aaron the priest had counted the Israelites in the Desert of Sinai, but no one Moses counted on the plains of Moab was in the first counting….

Diet Language

Whether it’s high-fat, low GI, carbs, protein, calories or kilojoules, it’s all Greek to him! Numbers 25:1-18 Reference: v.11 “Phinehas son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron, the priest, has saved the Israelites from my anger. He hates sin as much as I do. Since he tried to save my honor among them, I will…