Spending My Inheritance

To be honest, I’m not convinced I would have done a perfect job when I was 21

2 Chronicles 22:1-12

Reference: Ahaziah was twenty-two years old when he became king, and he reigned in Jerusalem one year. His mother’s name was Athaliah, a granddaughter of Omri. (2 Chronicles 22:2 NIV)

Explore: My daughter has a friend who inherited a large sum of money. It was put in a trust where she could access half at the age of 18 then the remaining amount at the age of 21.

As she is nearing her 21st birthday, I was talking to my daughter about what she has done with her inheritance. With her 18th year instalment she has bought quite a bit for her home. There is now a couch, a fridge and a double bed to her name. However, I would guess that half of this instalment has also gone towards alcohol, partying and frivolous behaviour.

While I am not a prude, who disagrees with every kind of fun activity, I do worry about how she will spend the next part of her inheritance. It has so much potential to help her, and yet I’m not sure she’s old enough, or wise enough, to know how to spend it effectively.

To be honest, I’m not convinced I would have done a perfect job when I was 21, but I had already started a savings plan, even without an inheritance.

Application: When Azariah became king he was only 22 years of age. This seems very young for someone to have such great responsibility but, he is not the youngest king in history. He would, however, be one of the most short lived kings.

This short tenure came, not because of his age, but because he made a poor choice right from the beginning. Even after witnessing the error of his father’s ways, Azariah still chose to reject the Lord’s leading and chose human wisdom over heavenly wisdom.

We do not need to be perfect, and I know wisdom comes with age, but even at a young age we have a good understanding of what is right and wrong. Some of the youngest people in our world make hard decisions and have an impact on the people around them.

I don’t think we can use age as an excuse for our poor decisions, but aim to live everyday, no matter what our age, to bring glory to God.

Prayer: Lord, we all walk a different path. May we strive to put our selfish wishes aside and live each day, dedicating all our resources, in worship of You. Amen.

How does your age affect your worship?

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This article was written by Linda Bailey

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