Say It Again

I’m not totally stupid, but I always like to check I’m doing something correctly

Judges 13:1-25

Reference: v.8  Then Manoah prayed to the Lord: “Pardon your servant, Lord. I beg you to let the man of God you sent to us come again to teach us how to bring up the boy who is to be born.” (TNIV Bible)

Explore: I’m not really great at learning new things, particularly if it’s something to do with modern technology.  It usually comes down to my technically savvy husband to teach me a new process on the computer.  During the lesson he will roll his eyes at me as I reach for a pen and paper to take down notes.  I know that if I don’t write down the new process as it’s being explained, then I will instantly forget a step (and this will only lead to more rolls of the eyes from my husband when I ask him to say it all again!)  However, once I have the new instructions explained (and written down) then I’ll always ask my husband to stay with me as I try to complete the new process on my own.  If I don’t do this important step, then no sooner has my husband left the room than I’ll be calling him back to ask a question about something I’ve forgotten.  And when that happens, I get more than just a roll of the eyes – hehe.  I’m not totally stupid, but I always like to check I’m doing something important correctly, by asking for clarification.

Application: An angel of the Lord brought some great change to Manoah and his wife.  They had not been able to conceive naturally and yet a man appeared to Mahoah’s wife and gave her instructions on how she is to behave in preparation for her coming baby.  Unfortunately, the angel did not hang around – like my helpful husband – so Manoah could ask him his questions of clarification.  So he prayed to God asking that the man return so he could get him to say it again.  I’m guessing God didn’t get as frustrated as my husband does when I call him back, as the angel returned and answered all of Manoah’s questions.  I love that God was willing to answer Manoah’s request as it gives me the confidence to go to God when I need clarification.  God doesn’t take delight in keeping us in the dark.  We can always ask him for clarification.

Prayer: Lord, there is much in this world that we don’t understand.  Please open our eyes to what we must know.  Amen.

What are you seeking clarification for at the moment?

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This article was written by Linda Bailey

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Sis Linda, I enjoy your post and always look forward for the next episode. Please don’t stop, keep up the good work.