Prince Caspian

Narnia was being ruled by an evil king and those that still believed in Aslan were in hiding, waiting for him to return.

Jeremiah 14:1-22

Reference:  v.19  Have you rejected Judah completely?  Do you despise Zion?  Why have you afflicted us so that we cannot be healed?  We hoped for peace but no good has come, for a time of healing but there is only terror. (NIV Bible)

Explore:  The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian is the sequel to The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S.Lewis.  These novels have been made into impressive movies and still hold the undertones of Biblical themes that Lewis intended for the books.  When I watched Prince Caspian in the cinematic form I was really taken by the storyline.  Narnia was being ruled by an evil king and those that still believed in Aslan were in hiding, waiting for him to return.  As the four Pevensie children come to aid the campaign they were always on the look out for the mighty lion Aslan.  Lucy – the youngest of the four – was sure that she saw him on a number of occasions, but the older ones were getting impatient and so decide to fight without him.  This whole idea of Aslan not being there when they need him was difficult for me to bear but I knew it felt familiar as I had recently been experiencing a similar sense of loss in knowing where God was in my own life.

Application:  I have to be honest and say that I don’t always feel that God is with me.  My faith tells me He is there and sometimes I have to believe it rather than feel it, but there are times when I feel lonely and fearful.  This is how the people of Judah felt when they realised they had turned away from God.  They called out to Him and He didn’t respond to their beck and call.  I think that sometimes we treat God like a butler.  He should answer our every whim.  And yet my experience has shown me that in those times of loneliness and fear, I learn to rely on my faith and it grows and strengthens through the experience.  It’s not always pleasant but the renewed relationship with God afterwards is well worth the pain.  God does not promise to make everything rosy for us if we follow Him, but if we trust in Him He does know what is best for us.

Prayer:  Lord, we often think that we will be happy with more friends, opportunities and wealth.  However, the greatest place we can be is in a stronger relationship with You.  Help us to trust in You, even when we feel lonely and fearful.  Amen.

What have you felt separated from God?  What helped You to see Him?

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This article was written by Linda Bailey

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