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Needless to say that my computer skills peaked but then hit a plateau around Year 9.

Matthew 3:1-17

Reference: v.14 But John tried to deter him, saying, “I need to be baptized by you, and do you come to me?” (TNIV Bible)

Explore: To put my age into context, I remember using a special typewriter in Grade 2 that was so advanced it had a backspace button which would white-out your mistake. It was so amazing and high-tech back then!

It wasn’t until Year 7 that I used a computer at school and learned how I could save documents onto floppy disc and it was not necessary to use white-out on the screen!

Needless to say, my computer skills peaked, but then hit a plateau, around Year 9. This means that I understand the basics of each program I use, but have never really captured the depth and breadth of all a computer can do.

A few years ago my friend’s son was trying to complete a Powerpoint presentation for school.  Having done a few of these myself, I was willing to go and assist him with his homework.

When I asked to see what he had already accomplished on his presentation I stood there shocked and amazed with my mouth hanging open. His Powerpoint presentation had multi-coloured screens, moving images, video inserted, and all set to a perfectly timed sound track.

It was clear that this child’s understanding of the program had far exceeded mine, and so, instead of me assisting him, the tables were flipped and he gave me a tutorial on how I could do that in my next presentation.

Application: Things are not always as they seem. While I was the adult in this situation, it was clear that the child had a much better understanding of Powerpoint than I did.

When it came to Jesus being baptised, it was not that John the Baptist had a better understanding of what baptism meant, but Jesus flipped the tables and asked the mere mortal to perform this spiritual act on the Son of God. No wonder John was taken aback, however, Jesus was not adverse to receiving assistance.

When it comes to showing love in this world God could do it all on His own. However, he is also not adverse to having us help, in fact it is part of His plan.

We may not have it all together and do things perfectly, but just as Jesus asked John the Baptist to baptise Him, so, too, does He ask us to assist Him on His mission to love others.

Prayer: God, at times we do not feel like we have much to offer You. May we hear Your call to assist in Your mission and may we rise to the challenge each and every time. Amen.

How does God want to use you in your world today?

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This article was written by Linda Bailey

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