New Daily Devotional Website Design

It is with great excitement that we officially launch the site redesign.  We love the new clean lines and easy-to-use WordPress CMS.  It was also great to work with a developer this time rather than Cameron just hacking around trying to make it all work.  All the website now come under the domain, all the other domains we could previously be found under have, or will be merged to the new entity over time.

Please have a look around, let us know what you like and dont like and what we can improve.

P.S. As of March 1st 2011 all the sites resolve to with moving across.  All your favourite links should still work and you can still access the site by typing in

This article was written by camthecameraman

Cameron is Linda's husband and kinda looks after all the technical stuff around here. He can be found at his own website, or on various social media channels as camthecameraman. Follow him on Google Plus +Cameron Bailey


LisaMarch 11, 2011 at 12:43 AMReply

I have downloaded your iPhone daily devotional app and Love it! Sometimes I share via e-mail but would love to post on Facebook to encourage. Maybe future update for app? Just a thought. Thanks 🙂

Cameron BaileyMarch 11, 2011 at 10:38 AMReply

Thanks for your feedback Lisa. With the new site design if you browse to the site on your iphone it presents a different version to the standard website. This mobile version is “web app enabled” so if you click on the middle icon (a square with and arrow coming out of it) and choose add to home screen you will get an icon on your phone and it will function like a normal iPhone app. This app has the option to share on facebook. Would love to hear your thoughts on this method. We will look to create another app for the app store later this year.

Thanks for commenting