Nathan Tasker

As a Christian, he believes in an all-powerful God who could have healed his babies… yet Nathan’s story had a different ending

Psalm 80:1-19

Reference: v.4 How long, Lord God Almighty, will your anger smolder against the prayers of your people? (TNIV Bible)

Explore: Just recently Australian Christian singer/songwriter Nathan Tasker and his wife Cassie lost their twin babies, born prematurely at 22 weeks.  I don’t think there is ever an easy time to lose a child, but Nathan has been very open about his experience.  As a Christian, he believes in an all-powerful God who could have healed his babies and brought them into this world safely, and yet Nathan’s story had a different ending.  While he doesn’t understand why this has happened, he is open and willing to journey with God through his grief.

Application: So often, when we come to faith, we hope that God will make everything work perfectly for us – why wouldn’t He when we believe in Him so strongly. And yet that is not what happens in reality. Bad things happen to good people, and while there are many miracles that occur, there are also many Christians who go through devastating times.  We don’t always understand why, particularly not at the time, but our faith really comes into action when we can wrestle with God during these times rather than rejecting Him because of our pain. Nathan Tasker is a great example of how we can do this, as is the writer of Psalm 80.  They are going through pain and feel distant from God, and yet they continue to cry out and make that important connection to their Creator.  There is no doubt that we will go through painful times in our lives too. When we are dealing with disaster may we turn our eyes anew to God and hold on tighter than we ever have before.

Prayer: Lord, we don’t always understand why things happen. But when they do, may we draw closer to you to seek peace and healing. Amen.

Looking back, how has your faith helped you in a time of pain?

Click here to listen to an interview with Nathan Tasker by Clayton Bjelan

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