My Trusty Clock Radio

I set my clock radio to go off and it reminds me that it is time to get up.

Psalm 118:1-29

Reference: v.29 Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;
his love endures forever. (TNIV Bible)

Explore: With a 4am wake up, you can imagine how much I rely on my alarm clock. It is not often that I will naturally wake up around this time, so I set my clock radio to go off and it reminds me that it is time to get up.

Although I think many negative thoughts towards my alarm clock at this time of the morning (!) I really could not live without it. I rely on it and it does everything it possibly can to get me to work on time.

Recently it has started some funny behaviour. If I turn the alarm button off completely it will start playing the radio! This means that I always need to have an alarm set, otherwise the music will continue to play.

I can see that my clock radio is starting to get a little old. While it is still waking me up at 4am, I know there will come a time when it will break down completely and I will need to get a new one.

My wake up alarm is too important to put in the hands of a broken clock radio.

Application: Appliances do not last forever. Although I am disappointed that my clock radio is breaking down, it is no surprise that it has a set lifespan.

Something that does NOT have a lifespan, however, is God’s love. Psalm 118 mentions five times ‘his love endures forever’.

I admit that I find it hard to think of something lasting forever. Everything here on earth has a use by date. Whether it is something as disposable as a clock radio or something that is as precious as a loved one, we all know that nothing lasts forever.

How awesome is it that the one element that helps us the most is actually the thing that lasts the longest – God’s love.

No matter who we are, where we’re going and what we’re doing, we can always tap into God’s love. We don’t need to be afraid that He will let us down as His love endures forever.

We often think of things we would like to last forever – like our favourite food, our wardrobe, or our bank balance. However, we have access to something much greater!

We have access to something that means we are cared for, supported, encouraged, and have a purpose and a destiny for the rest of our lives! That is what God’s love does for us… and it endures FOREVER.

That means we can always feel supported, always feel encouraged, and always have a destiny for our lives.

Prayer: Lord, my life has been so blessed because You offer me a love that endures forever. May I never look for security and purpose anywhere else. Amen.

How has God’s enduring love changed your perspective on your future?

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This article was written by Linda Bailey

Linda started theological studies in 1999 in Australia. After working for ten years in various church ministries, she now works as the breakfast producer at 89.9 LightFM - the Christian radio station in Melbourne, Australia. She writes blogs every day about passages she is currently reading in the Bible. Follow her on Google Plus +Linda Bailey or Facebook by clicking the like button on the right of this page.