Lamb Risotto

When the waiter came to take my plate away I asked him to compliment the chef on such a fabulous dish.

Job 42:1-17

Reference:  v.12a The Lord blessed the latter part of Job’s life more than the former part. (TNIV Bible)

Explore:  A little while ago I went to an Italian restaurant and ordered a lamb risotto.  I had never had it before so was curious as to how it would taste.  I hadn't eaten much that day and so by the time the meal arrived I was really quite hungry.  The first mouthful I had was amazing.  All the ingredients complimented each other beautifully and the flavour was sensational.  I ate as much as my stomach could bear and when the waiter came to take my plate away I asked him to compliment the chef on such a fabulous dish.  A few weeks later I started craving that lamb risotto again.  I wanted a taste sensation and so I headed to that same restaurant with some friends, raving about the meals, and I ordered the exact same dish.  I waited with anticipation for the best risotto in the world to be placed before me and when it finally was I almost quivered with delight.  I took my first mouthful, waiting for all the sensational flavours to wash over my tastebuds… only to feel sorely disappointed.  The dish wasn't a disaster but it was by no means the fabulous dish I had built it up to be.  I then realised the difference.  The first time I had tasted the lamb risotto I was really hungry and noticed the flavours in great detail.  Whereas the next time I visited the restaurant I had eaten plenty throughout the day and so was not really that hungry at all.  

Application:  No one likes to go through difficult times however when we do it really makes us appreciate the good time.  Job had gone through a time of terrible suffering and yet when he had endured the hardship he felt even more blessed than he was before.  To a lesser extent, when I had gone without food for a period of time it made me appreciate my food more once it had arrived.  When we go through times of suffering and pain it is not that God delights in our sorrow but it really allows us to notice and appreciate the blessings He does give to us when we have endured the hard times.  Job had been blessed by God before the hardship but I can guarantee that he appreciated what he had so much more after going through the time of trial.

Prayer:  Lord, thank you for all the blessings you give to us.  We never deserve your favour but may we be truly thankful for it.  Amen.

How has God blessed you?

This article was written by Linda Bailey

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