Do You Know Your Real Name?

I knew quite a bit about permanent care already but one thing really shocked me.

Ephesians 3:14-21

Reference: From whom every family in heaven and on earth derives its name. (Ephesians 3:15 NIV)

Application: In the last month I’ve got to know a guy whose first daughter is part of their family through permanent care. This is when the State deems the biological parents unfit to ever look after their child. And so, they find them a parent or parents to care for them for the rest of their lives.

Being a foster carer myself, I knew quite a bit about permanent care already, but one thing really shocked me. They were able to change their daughters surname to their own.

I never knew this was possible but I’m so glad it is. Changing their daughters name does not mean they will love her more. No, but it will give her a greater sense of stability and identity.

Application: Our name informs us of where we belong and who we are connected to. That’s why I love this verse from Ephesians 3 that says every family derives its name from the Father.

It is from Him we receive life. It is from Him that we get our identity. And, no matter what we do, it is in Him that we belong.

There is no greater affirmation that we need than knowing we are a part of God’s family. We look to many different places to find purpose, but the best place to look is to Him.

Prayer: Thank you, Lord, for being our solid rock. In You we know who we are and what we’re meant to do. Amen.

Where have you looked for identity?

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This article was written by Linda Bailey

Linda started theological studies in 1999 in Australia. After working for ten years in various church ministries, she now works as the breakfast producer at 89.9 LightFM - the Christian radio station in Melbourne, Australia. She writes blogs every day about passages she is currently reading in the Bible. Follow her on Google Plus +Linda Bailey or Facebook by clicking the like button on the right of this page.