A Joy-Filled Smile

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My neighbour is a psychologist and I was recently chatting to her with my nine month old son.  She started engaging with Mitchell who responded with lots of smiles, as he does with any person interaction.

She explained to me that there’s been studies done about people smiling. They’ve discovered that if you register someone smiling at you then the part of your brain that triggers joy is activated.

So if you want to make someone feel joyful then you just need to start off with a smile.

Although Joy is my middle name (I mean that literally!) I don’t often think of it as an emotion. But it’s a great one to experience.

It reminds me of the Christmas Carol, “Joy to the world”. If Jesus’ birth brought joy to the world then, as we strive to live like Christ, the way we live should bring joy to the world as well.

I see how much joy people feel just by having a baby smile at them. Now, I’m not as cute as Mitchell, but we can all start prompting joy in others just by giving a smile.

Lord, You are the joy in this world. May we see You and have our hearts lifted. And as a worshipful response to You, may we share Your joy with others. Amen.

Who can you share joy with today?

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This article was written by Linda Bailey

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