John 2 – Taking Risks on the Unknown

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I’m not the kind of person that would make impromptu decisions

John 2:1-25

Reference: v.11 This, the first of his miraculous signs, Jesus performed in Cana of Galilee. He thus revealed his glory, and his disciples put their faith in him. (NIV Bible)

Explore: Some people are really adventurous when they purchase new items… I am not one of them!  Some people might see a piece of clothing and buy it without even trying it on; if I have bought a piece of clothing you can be assured that I have tried it on, asked 3 people for their opinion, deliberated on it for half an hour and then made the purchase.  Some people might buy a new DVD just because they think they might enjoy it; if I buy a DVD you can be assured that I’ve either already watched it and loved it or I’ve read 16 positive reviews about it that have finally convinced me that I would enjoy it!  I’m not the kind of person that would make impromptu decisions – particularly decisions that would require me to depart with my money.  You could say that I’m not really one to take risks on the unknown.

Application: As I was reading through the passage in John 2, about Jesus’ first miracle, I noticed that his disciples were already there with Him.  They had started to follow Jesus before He had even turned the water into wine, before He had done something physically remarkable.  I wonder whether I would have been so trusting of this new teacher.  Maybe I would have needed to watch from a distance for a while before committing myself completely; maybe I would have required three significant references explaining Jesus’ validity before signing up; or maybe I would have waited until I saw the miracle before I was willing to be one of His disciples too.  It is good to be thoughtful about the big decisions that we make but often we can hold back for too long, until we know all the details, before we commit to Christ.  The reality is, we’re never going to know all there is to know about Jesus.  But if we’re willing to step out in faith, to take a risk on the unknown, then we can be guaranteed that we will experience more than we can imagine.

Prayer: Lord, forgive my hesitancy when it comes to You.  May I be willing to commit to the journey, even before I have all the details.  Amen.

How committed are you to following Jesus?  What makes you hesitant at times?

This article was written by Linda Bailey

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