In the Heat of the Moment

Furious at the caller, he tweeted the pranker’s phone number to his 40,000 Twitter followers

Esther 2:1-23

Reference: v.1 Later, when King Xerxes’ anger had cooled and he was having second thoughts about what Vashti had done and what he had ordered against her (The Message Bible)

Explore: The other day Guy Sebastian made the news over a tweeting mishap.  He had endured a whole night of being prank called and having abuse leveled at him and his wife by an absolute stranger.  Furious at the caller, and at his wits end, he tweeted the pranker’s phone number to his 40,000 Twitter followers saying “This bloke keeps pranking me. Feel free to return the favour.”  The number was soon disconnected and the prank calling ceased but, in the light of day, Guy realized that he had not done the best thing. “Ok in hindsight prob not a nice thing to do” he tweeted.

Application: Words and actions delivered in the heat of the moment can often be regretted once the situation has calmed down.  We can feel completely justified to act in a particular way when we are angry or hurt, but when the next day dawns we can often see the folly of our decisions.  The people in the Bible were not perfect and often showed us the wrong that can be done in the heat of the moment.  Even the king in the book of Esther made a hasty decision that he soon regretted because he felt embarrassed and humiliated.  We must catch ourselves from making a big decision when we are emotionally charged and allow time to show us true wisdom.

Prayer: Lord, our hurt and angry feelings can often blind our better judgment.  May we look to you in those times and be slow to act, keeping in mind the lasting affect our actions can have.  Amen.

What heightened emotion have you felt lately?


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This article was written by Linda Bailey

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