It is always a bit of a struggle to get her to start her homework…

Judges 1:1-36

Reference: v.2 The Lord answered, “Judah shall go up; I have given the land into their hands.” (TNIV Bible)

Explore: We have set specific times in the evening when our teenage daughter is to complete her homework.  As she is in her final year of secondary school, there are high demands on the amount of work she is to do at school, as well as at home.  It is always a bit of a struggle to get her to start her homework, but she generally gets it done.  That is, unless my husband and I go out for the evening.  If we are not there to monitor her actions, then we will often come home to discover that very little has been accomplished.

Application: I remember when I first read through the book of Judges I thought it would be really hard going.  However, this book is filled with so many great people doing amazingly faithful things for God.  The challenge about this book is reading over and over again the failings of the people of Israel.  Whenever there is a judge in place to help and guide them, then they stay faithful and achieve great things.  But when the judge dies and they are left to their own devices, they are as successful as my daughter doing homework on her own!  It goes to show that whether we are teenagers, or a whole nation, we need accountability and guidance.  No wonder God sent us His Son who is there for us ALL the time.  We are in constant need of guidance and we can always get it from our loving God.

Prayer: Lord, forgive us when we veer away from your guidance.  May we be reminded that the best place for us to be is under your care. Amen.

In what areas do you need accountability most?

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This article was written by Linda Bailey

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