Home Beautiful

It’s not like when you visit someone else’s house and you have to make sure you’re on your best behaviour!

Psalm 84:1-12

Reference: v.10 Better is one day in your courts
than a thousand elsewhere;
I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God
than dwell in the tents of the wicked. (NIV Bible)

Explore: Two years ago we moved into our brand new house. I never thought that we would engage in such a huge project, but in 2009 we did it. Sure, it was not my husband and I who laid the bricks or plastered the walls, but it was still our ideas, our design, our colours and our investment. Two years down the track there are still a few things we need to do around the house, but it really is our little castle. Every weekend when we are pottering around our abode, one of us will mention how blessed we feel to have such a great place to live.  Whenever we go away for an extended period of time it’s always nice to come back to a place that gives us so much joy and comfort.

Application: If this is how much I love my simple earthly house, then how awesome must God’s house be? And seeing as though God has created His house for those who love Him, then it looks like I would feel just as much joy and comfort there as I would in my own house.  It’s not like when you visit someone else’s house and you have to make sure you’re on your best behaviour! God’s house was built with us in mind. Another great thing about being in the ‘courts’ of God is that we don’t have to wait until we die to get there.  We can dwell with God whenever and wherever we like. He is always present with us, it’s just a matter of us inviting Him in to our presence.

Prayer: Lord, may I make a concerted effort every day to be in your ‘courts’. Amen.

What would your ‘house’ in Heaven be like?

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This article was written by Linda Bailey

Linda started theological studies in 1999 in Australia. After working for ten years in various church ministries, she now works as the breakfast producer at 89.9 LightFM - the Christian radio station in Melbourne, Australia. She writes blogs every day about passages she is currently reading in the Bible. Follow her on Google Plus +Linda Bailey or Facebook by clicking the like button on the right of this page.