Driving Directions

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Everyone is different when it comes to giving directions.

Exodus 22:1-31

Reference: v.13 If it was torn to pieces by a wild animal, the neighbor shall bring in the remains as evidence and shall not be required to pay for the torn animal. (TNIV Bible)

Explore: When I’m driving, and I know where I’m going, I hate being given directions. I think I feel like the passenger doesn’t trust me to get to our location.  I can easily get frustrated by their simple instructions, even when they’re only trying to be helpful, because I know I am capable of getting to the destination.  My husband, on the other hand, is very patient when people (mainly me) give him directions. He is so patient in being led that he will follow the instructions given by the GPS even when he knows a short cut or better route!

Application: Everyone is different when it comes to giving directions. However, when the directions affect other people, and even a whole community, it is important that everyone is on the same page.  While it may seem a little monotonous and laborious reading through the laws of the Israelites, it was essential for this community so that peace would reign. Whenever you put a group of people together there is bound to be some squabbling. It seems like nothing was different with God’s chosen nation. These laws were essential for a very large community to live in harmony with each other.

Prayer: Dear Lord, the community of people who surround us are very important. Help us to be wise in how we interact with each other and always strive for harmony. Amen.

Do you feel you are in harmony with everyone in your social community?

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