Daily Devotional for the iPad

Apple iPad Linda was generous enough to buy me an iPad for my birthday recently.  This has given me the chance to try reading my Daily Devotions on this device.

I have loved the iPad's large screen and it has made my book reading a breeze.  I have downloaded a few books, intelectual of course to make me look smart as I show off my new purchase, and have enjoyedreading them on this device.

I have also tried the Daily Devotional App for iPhone that we built and while it is small, like all made for iPhone apps are it is still very usable. Because of the size of the screen on the iPad just reading the normal web page was also very easy, much better than on the iPhone.  I also checked out the Daily Devotions Emails in the Mail Appon the iPad, this was also a great way to read a Daily Devotional on the iPad.

In time we may look at updating the iPhone app, I would be interested though in how you are reading your Daily Devotional on the iPad.

This article was written by camthecameraman

Cameron is Linda's husband and kinda looks after all the technical stuff around here. He can be found at his own website, camthecameraman.com or on various social media channels as camthecameraman. Follow him on Google Plus +Cameron Bailey