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Daily Devotional – One year old

I am so proud of the work that Linda has been doing here!  Delivering a Daily Devotional  every weekday with very few exceptions takes a discipline that I can only dream of. I really love the comments and emails we receive from readers.  I hope you continue to find the insights from God’s Word that…

Relaunched website

Cameron, who lurks around this site, has recently upgraded   Its going to be chock full of information on video cameras, online and media issues. Check it out, he is the guy who built this website, maybe an upgrade here will be in order soon?  What do you think?

Redeem The Lyrics – I Kissed A Girl

Reverends Linda and Penny are redeeming the lyrics of pop culture songs.  To hear them sing their revised version go to Foolishly Faithful Podcast: ‘I Kissed A Girl’ redeemed to ‘I Joined The Choir’ This was never the way I planned Not my intention I got so brave, hymn book in hand Here’s my…

Daily Devotions sent via email

Daily Devotions sent via email

As I mentioned yesterday you can get your Daily Devotions Emailed to you every weekday by just popping your email address in the box to the left and hitting “Subscribe” We will not be spamming you and WILL NOT sell or give out your details to anyone else. Why not subscribe, check it out, and…

Daily Devotions Emails

If you would like your Daily Devotions emailed to you each day please fill in the box on the left. You will be sent, via email, the daily devotions that appear here every weekday.