Being comfortable with God

Linda is away during March, Clayton Bjelan brings you today’s devotion.

I can talk to them about almost anything and everything

Joshua 24:28-33

Reference: v28  Then Joshua dismissed the people, each to their own inheritance. (TNIV Bible)

Explore: There are two godly men in my life (both named Rob, funnily enough), whom I look up to greatly.  And they both have the same effect on me.

They are older than me, and I find that I can talk to them about almost anything.  And, I tend to tell them a lot about the deeper parts of my life.

Because I have a trust in their walk with God, I feel comfortable with them and they end up hearing about my struggles, trials and joys – and my relationship with each of them is such that, even if we haven’t caught up for a while, it doesn’t take very long to get into deep discussion.

But, the effect of these men on me doesn’t end there.   Before we part ways they have always encouraged me in what I am doing and in who I am.  They have given some helpful advice and I ALWAYS feel like I am walking a bit taller and with my head held higher when I leave them.  What an impact!

Sadly, I feel like I don’t often get to ‘put back’ into them (although I do try) – but somehow I know that they don’t require that from our friendship – they are comfortable enough in what God thinks about them, and that is enough.

Application: Here in verse 28 (just one verse before Joshua dies) we see him sending the people away to their inheritance.

What a way to go, huh!  I mean just look at Joshua’s life…

Serving God under Moses and then as leader of the people.  Tremendous victories because he relied on God.  Overcoming trials (even though they weren’t easy) with a trust in God.  Leading his people from a barren land into the promised land.

And then, just a verse before he dies, because He was so comfortable with God, he could send the people away to their inheritance, to their blessing… he didn’t need anything from them – because after all this time he still had God, and that was enough!

I think God would have been pretty pleased with Joshua.

Prayer: Dear God, thank you for the people who ‘put into’ my life.  Help me to appreciate them more.  Help me to be someone who can ‘put into’ someone else’s life without need of a ‘reward’.  Amen.

Whose life could you be ‘putting into’ today?

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This article was written by Clayton Bjelan