Ain’t no such thing as an ‘oldie’

Linda is away during March, Clayton Bjelan brings you today’s devotion.

She wants to encourage other ‘older’ people to use the opportunity that they might have

Joshua 12-14:5

Reference: ch 13 v1 When Joshua had grown old, the Lord said to him, “You are now very old, and there are still very large areas of land to be taken over. (TNIV Bible)

Explore: I recently spoke to a lady by the name of Jane Knowles.  This incredible lady heads up a group called Senior Servants.

Senior Servants is designed for ‘older’ people to travel the world to encourage missionaries and workers in various places as they serve Jesus through Youth For Christ.

Jane has travelled to a number of places over the past few years, and has a passion to encourage others.  She wants to encourage other ‘older’ people to use the opportunity that they might have by being retired, to do something incredibly productive for God.

Application: We read here that Joshua, even though very old and having accomplished so much already, still had more land to take.  It seems like his work was never done!

And if, over the years, I have learnt anything from listening to those older than me, it’s that when you call yourself a Christian – your work is never done.  God can always use you to bring some good into this world.

Whether it is Joshua or Jane, I think that we need to realise that we will always be useful to God.  Our roles and jobs might change over time, but we can always useful.

Prayer: Dear God, help me to never think of myself as useless to you.  In the times that I feel I have mucked up, am having a bad day, or questioning my position in life – help me to remember the Joshua and Jane’s of the world – and the fact that you have something for me to do. Amen

What ‘new’ venture might God be asking you to be involved in?

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This article was written by Clayton Bjelan