Worse Before Winning

While my injured knee had been inconvenient it was about to get a whole lot more complicated.

Exodus 5:1-23

Reference: “and they said, “May the Lord look on you and judge you! You have made us obnoxious to Pharaoh and his officials and have put a sword in their hand to kill us.”” Exodus‬ ‭5:21‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Explore: This time last year I had knee surgery. I had chipped some cartilage within my knee and the surgeon had to go in and remove it.

I knew something wasn’t right when my knee presented a different sort of pain to normal. It was uncomfortable and restricted my movement.

But to go under the knife was quite daunting. I had to take some time off work, use crutches and then undergo physiotherapy. While my injured knee had been inconvenient it was about to get a whole lot more complicated.

You see my knee was not in a good place. But for it to get better it was going to have to get a whole lot worse first.

Application: This was the case for the Israelites living in slavery in Egypt. Life was tough for them under Pharaoh’s command, but it got a whole lot worse when Moses started agitating for them.

If you know things will get better it’s worth holding persevering. But sometimes it’s difficult to see when the improvement will come.

That’s when we need to trust in God. If we know we are following in His path then we have faith that the hardship we endure is heading us in the right direction.

The challenges are still hard to endure, but knowing there is a purpose to our pain gives us greater hope.

Prayer: Lord, may we have the perseverance to endure the hardships and the hope to know You are in our future. Amen.

When has your situation had to get harder before getting better?

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This article was written by Linda Bailey

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