Speaker For Christian Conferences[dropcap2]L[/dropcap2]inda Bailey is a dynamic and personable preacher who has been speaking and preaching for over 10 years. Her skill is taking complex topics and making them applicable to everyday life.As well as preaching in local congregations, Linda’s sermons have been broadcast on LightFM and podcast through www.daily-devotional.org.Linda is able to write messages for specific audiences.

[pullquote3 align=”right” cite=”Penny Galbraith”]Linda is one of the easiest to understand preachers I have heard. Rich in meaning without a hint of pretense.[/pullquote3]
Linda speaks about:

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    • Connecting the Bible to Your Everyday Life
    • Parenting (Linda is a foster carer)
    • Encouragement in Faith
    • Experiencing Infertility
    • Finding God in Difficult Times
    • Living A Life of Integrity

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Peta McLarenJune 16, 2012 at 4:41 PMReply

Hi.I have heard about your devotions and would like to get.them please. I have an android phone so will probably have to receive them via email. God Bess

Cameron BaileyJune 16, 2012 at 6:02 PMReply

I have signed you up, please click the link in your email to verify you want to receive them.