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Filthy White Tiles

As soon as you walk into our lovely terrace-house rental you will see a large surface space covered by white tiles. Beginning at the entrance, going into the dining area, through to the livingarea, sweeping into the kitchen and concluding in the laundry, we have white tiles. While this consistency of floor covering adds to…

Come A Little Closer

I love trees. My family are always paying me out because I always spot a beautiful tree no matter where we are. I love the varied colours in the bark, the formation of the branches. I seem to see God through trees as I experience their beauty, their strength and the majesty. We have just…

New Christian Podcast

We have been working on this Christian Podcast for quite a while and we are quite proud of it. Titled ‘Foolishly Faithful’ it is a discussion about issues and news with Linda Bailey and Penny Galbriath.  Music was written especially for it by Brendan Petty and Chris Cameron and we thank them for their efforts…


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