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Welcome iPhone Users!!!

      Welcome to all the iPhone owners using the YouVersion app.   It would be great if you could leave a comment about how you found our site. Also a great opportunity to practice using the iPhone keyboard!!! ūüėČ   Please subscribe to our daily email on the left of the screen or…

Christian Match Making!!!

Check out our new Christian Podcast ¬† ¬†all about matchmaking, christian style. ¬†While you are there check out all our Christian Podcasts ¬†on a range other topics… all fun and all full of laughter.

Christian Podcast

In response to a few questions a new Christian Podcast ¬† called Foolishly Faithful will be updated weekly, usually on a ¬†Wednesday. Please come back to this site or subscribe in iTunes In response to a few questions a new Christian Podcast ¬† called Foolishly Faithful will be updated weekly, usually on a ¬†Wednesday. Please…

Updated Christian Podcasts

Our third podcast went online yesterday.  I am sure you agree it is one of the best Christian Podcasts going around at the moment. There is plenty more and Linda and Penny will be updating them weekly on a Wednesday so check them out.

Name and Age

The other week I was preaching a sermon from 2 Samuel 9. In this passage David extends his hand of hospitality to the grandson of Saul, the previous King who tried to kill David. While this is an amazing story (possibly one of my favourites) it holds many challenging names for anyone trying to read…

Delirious Concert

I’ve just been to a Delirious concert. They are a great band. I must admit that I don’t listen to their music all that often (I had mainly gone along to their concert to accompany my sister on her birthday), however they should take no offense to this as I rarely listen to music full…

Shaping of Things to Come ‚Äď Personal Response

THE SHAPING OF THINGS TO COME: MISSION AND INNOVATION FOR THE 21ST CENTURY CHURCH Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch Through exploring the three aspects that came from the early church (explained in Acts 2.42-47) I appreciated the equal importance placed on ‚ÄėCommunion, Community and Commission‚Äô (p.77). Where the incarnational church can be flexible and even…


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